History of Asahi Kasei Medical

Asahi Kasei Medical is Japanese company started in 1974 with a single seat in Oitu for the production of filters for purifying the blood and and leukoreduction filters and the Nobeoka plant mainly produces hollow-fiber membranes for dialyzers and industrial virus filters, both ranking among the largest in the global medical device industry.

In addition to dialyzers, 1974 Asahi Kasei Medical has applied its core technologies for membrane separation using hollow fibers and absorption in various areas of healthcare and industry. The product lineup includes devices for the treatment of immunologic or intractable diseases, leukocyte reduction filters to prevent adverse effects associated with blood transfusion, and virus removal filters used in biopharmaceutical production for export worldwide. Asahi Kasei Medical, a pioneer in blood purification, will continue to contribute to global healthcare with its unique technologies in close collaboration with members of the Asahi Kasei Group.

Assuring safety and quality

Asahi Kasei Medical acquired both ISO9001 certification and the CE Marking in 1994, becoming the first Japanese medical device manufacturer qualified under the European standard.

The company has satisfied the Quality System Regulation (QSR) of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and established a quality assurance system in compliance with ISO13485:2003, the internationally recognized standard for the manufacture and quality control of medical devices which satisfies regulations in different countries including the Japanese Quality Management System (QMS) ministerial ordinance.

As evidence of its sincere commitment to environmental preservation, its virus removal filters used in biotherapeutic production are also certified under the ISO14000 series. We are thus ready to provide advanced, high-quality products with assured safety to the global market.

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